Mark, born and raised in Southern England has from a young age had a deep connection to the natural world that surrounded him. The Neolithic landscape of his native county of Wiltshire inspired Mark to explore various forms of artistic expression and in doing so he discovered his passion for photography. This was in his early teens, when film was the norm and darkroom processing played an important role in his education of the image. Having been an active photographer throughout the evolution of camera technology he now embraces the world of digital photography and processing to create visually stunning images .

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Debra, from a very young age grew up under the tutelage of her father, a famed photographer for the Chicago Sun Times.  It was here that she acquired her skill and finesse in capturing perfect photo opportunities. This ability combined with a love of the outdoor natural world shines through in her enthusiasm to share the wonders of the night sky and our amazing desert landscape.
Years ago, Debra felt a calling to be ordained as a Chaplain, so she could be at the bedside of sick and dying patients.  With a natural love and ability in this area, she has worked with many people as they transitioned from this world.  She also had a desire to work with people in other precious moments and today is happily ministering to hundreds of couples as they commit to one another in the most magnificent surroundings

Cindy, growing up in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah, Cindy has always had an appreciation for the natural beauty in her environment.  Gifted with her first camera at thirteen, Cindy found her passion in preserving memories and has been capturing images ever since.  You’ll see her scrambling to the highest location, positioned on an overhang or perched on someone’s shoulders to get that perfect shot.
In addition to her stellar professional photography skills, Cindy teaches business administration and accounting at the local community college.  Cindy loves to travel, discovering the world and meeting new people.  She enjoys hiking, diving, camping, off road adventures, crafts, and spending time with family and friends
Remember to smile for the camera when you see her!

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