Do you gaze at the heavens and wish you knew how to capture the magnificent beauty of the cosmos?

Our astrophotography workshops offer the enthusiastic amateur or even the total beginner the opportunity to shoot amazing night sky images framed by the natural beauty of Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. 

In small groups (limited to 5 maximum) you will have the opportunity to learn how to capture breathtaking milky way images and amazing star trail artwork. Our aim is to teach you how to capture amazing images of the night sky in a single exposure without the need of multiple image stacking in post production. Single shot astrophotography is technically more difficult but ultimately more rewarding knowing you captured the actual photograph you will see in your finished image.

No need to bring any equipment or cameras. We will supply you with everything and guide you every step of the way to enable you take home stunning images for your friends and family to admire.

Our workshops have different start times throughout the year, synchronizing with the sunset and the rising of the moon and milky way and may last 4-6 hours. For example to capture the milky way in the spring, a very early start is required. In the late summer however the milky way is visible as soon as it is dark. We are also able offer custom workshops at any time, please contact us for details.

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 Our astrophotography workshops are $395 per person and have a minimum requirement of 2 people. Please contact us for custom workshop pricing.

We will supply you with everything you need to capture stunning night sky images including:

A full frame Canon DSLR
A wide angle lens suitable for astrophotography
SD card and batteries
Remote shutter release
Introduction to the equipment and basic camera function – F stop, ISO, shutter speed and how they affect the image.
4wd transport to amazing shooting locations.
On site instruction to ensure you learn the basics of astrophotography and capture great images.
Hot/cold drinks and snacks provided.
A guided post production class after the shoot at our office to enable you to take home finished image on USB stick drive

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Milky Way

After an initial introduction to the basic functions of the camera gear and how the various settings affect the final image we will head out on a 4wd adventure to a desert location. After a short hike and allowing our eyes adjust to the darkness we will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect site for composition and setting up the equipment. Remembering what we learnt in our introduction and referring to your baseline settings cheat sheet we will set up our camera gear and begin shooting. After an initial couple of test shots we will help you fine tune your settings to ensure you capture breathtaking images of the night sky. We will also discuss and experiment with lighting and light painting of the environment.

Following our shoot we will return to our offices where we will guide you through the post production process that will enable you to bring out the true wonders captured in your image. Your final edited photographs along with the RAW images you shoot will be downloaded onto a memory stick for you to take home.
This workshop is approximately 4-6 hours and has a minimum number of 2 people.


As well as  photographing the milky way, we can also capture amazing star trail images. Using long exposure techniques that show the rotation of the earth, you can create stunning artwork pieces to grace any wall in your home.

Star Trail
Star Trail
GS 80079
GS 640 vt13
4WD & Milky Way

Workshops are subject to change or cancellation due to adverse weather conditions.

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